"Building efficiency can be achieved using quality equipment and simple controls strategies." - Rick Kmiecik | Owner


Our Mission

Optimized Systems is a unique company founded to fill a current void in the marketplace. This industry was missing a company that focused on combining quality installations with energy efficiency, controls knowledge, and a strong focus on equipment maintainability and simplicity. Building efficiency can be achieved using quality equipment and simple controls strategies. The more complex a building becomes, the more likely it falls behind in efficiency and effectiveness, because it cannot be properly sustained into the future. Optimized Systems can recognize and utilize optimization potential, increasing a building's efficiency and longevity.


How do we accomplish this? With our team of highly skilled professionals who have come together for a common purpose. To help owners achieve a simple, efficient, maintainable system that saves them energy and money.  Our staff consists of Professional Engineers, Certified controls programmers, experienced controls installers, and Facilities Maintenance professionals.  All of our staff have previous experience working as an owner’s representative, so we are uniquely qualified to help you with any project.

Simple, Efficient Systems

Optimized Systems feels it is important to keep things simple. Some of the failings we've seen in overly complex systems include:

  • Facilities Staff is unable to understand and operate the system.
  • Energy is wasted.
  • Equipment is insufficiently maintained.
  • Engineering and technology involved in design is lost in operation.

We understand the importance of simplicity and take into account maintenance staff abilities before any recommendations are made. There are many “great ideas” and cutting edge equipment options available, but the real challenge is to identify impactful solutions which can be effective if implemented and maintained. It is this “maintainable” philosophy that has led us to a knowledge management strategy when addressing key issues.

Our strategy involves the following:

  • Identify the needs and issues within a facility.
  • Provide a framework for addressing needs.
  • Offer firmly grounded, maintainable solutions.